Thursday, August 23, 2007

2nd Attempt

Hello again!

This is just a test to see if the transliteration effect that made my 1st attempt a wash has been dealt with effectively. Hi all!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

इन्तिमिदतेद ब्लॉगर

here goyes!!! it is a biit like jumping into aais kold vaatar nd kaanoyeng on a laake in the phog। somethings not raaeet। al may letars are looking kuite middale yeastern or asiyan in charakter!!! diid ee hit a vrong batan or something? graas diid yoo do this??? ugghchh! ee vil just taaeep nd hop somehov it turns aaut to be okay।

hii yeveryone! summers passing by quikkly vhich ee knov saddens maany oeph yoo। but, ee eum looking phoravard to graas returning near the yend oeph the summer। (kaan anyone riid this?) vii are busying to begiin homeschool in the phaal, gathering al the rough saavan boards the lord blessed us vith resantly, making/praying phor better livinggg kuarters phor the vintar, nd vorking to do al vii kaan on or laind।

थिस वीक थे ओब्स्ताच्ले इस अ ब्रोकें होसे ओं थे बच्खोए ऎंड वन ऑफ़ थे राम्स नीड्स तो बे रेपच्केद बेफोरे वी कान उसे इत अगिन। क्रेग्ग हस अ बिग्ग पीले ऑफ़ लों (आका: मुद व्हें इत इस वेट) इन थे middale oeph or draaiv, so it vud be really nis to get thaat machine going agin bephore it rains।

ee had an interesting tim vaatching the savyer kat up the logs this viik daaun in the retirement villaage at parkviyev। he is vairii skilled at vahat he des nd lookas like to me he gets the most he kaan aaut oeph a log। ee don't think anyone kould've made much more thaan a broomstik vith vahat vaas lepht ovar। just a bunch oeph "stichkahs" to set betviin the boards nd som barky vud phor phirevood। dik is a vairii nis nd kolorphul charakter। ee regret having passed up the chaans to vark vith him yearliyer this year।

ee hop to be adding a phev piktures to this blog,... ee hop they don't turn aaut looking as chinese as this posting।

sii y'al soon!